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Our Services

Building Billions is the top leader in this industry when it comes to restoring personal credit and securing maximal funding for business and personal leverage

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Our Approach

Building Billions takes pride in continuing education to better serve their clients. We have extensive knowledge in consumer law, Metro 3 tatics, credit card stacking, inquiry removal, personal funding, and securing funds for your business needs. We take a personalized and holistic approach to help our clients achieve financial stability.

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Client Experience

Building Billions prides itself on being one of the most innovative companies in its industry. Every Client with a unique experience with their client portal which will provide day-to-day updates, funding opportunities, and more...

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Studies Show That 79% Of All Credit Reports Contain Errors.

We Can Fix Them.

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Credit Repair Consultation

Our CEO himself will examine every detail of your credit report and determine and identify any questionable or inaccurate items and form a plan of action ASAP to remove them.

Credit Done Right

Laws are constantly changing. We take pride in our commitment to growth, learning, and the application of these strategies while you rebuild your credit. Our CEO's intensive education covers Consumer Law, Metro 3 Controversy, FCRA Law, CFPB Compliance, and handling real disputes.


Building Billions takes pride in offering the finest and most efficient funding process known among financial institutions. Our CEO boasts strategic relationships with leading lenders in all 50 states, including Amex, Chase, Navy Federal, local credit unions, and private lending institutions. These relationships ensure approvals and maximum funding for both personal and business leverage.

Building Billions

Our Services

Building Billions is the top leader in this industry when it comes to restoring personal credit and securing maximal funding for business and personal leverage. 

LLC Formation

Professional assistance in forming limited liability companies, ensuring legal compliance.

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Personal Credit Repair

Take the first step towards a better financial life with our expert credit repair services.

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Authorized User Tradelines

Authorized user tradelines refer to credit accounts on which an individual is added as an authorized user.

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Primary Tradelines

Building and maintaining good credit requires responsible financial behavior over time.

Personal & Business Funding

Expert support in securing funding for personal and business needs.

Business Credit Consulting

Guidance to establish and enhance your business credit profile.


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Our Vision & Purpose

Building Billions was created with the only and sole purpose to assist individuals and/or couples reach their finacial goals. We offer financial literacy solutions and help clients get in position to reach their financial goals. Our number one priority to our customers is to help them get back their financial life. We do this through constant education on the process of raising your credit score and structing your report for maximal funding, . Once your profile is structured, personal/business, we will assist you with getting 100k+ funding.

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What does Building Billions do?

Building Billions is a leading company specializing in credit restoration and securing funding for both personal and business needs. They offer personalized services to help clients achieve financial stability and growth.

How do I get started with Building Billions?

To get started, you can contact Building Billions for a credit repair consultation. Their CEO will examine your credit report and formulate a plan of action to address any credit issues.

How does Building Billions provide a unique client experience?

Building Billions provides a client portal with day-to-day updates, funding opportunities, and more, offering a personalized experience to each client.

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